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Personal Year Prediction/personal_year_prediction

This API provides a personalized prediction for a specific year. The response includes the personal year number, the considered year, and a report that contains detailed information about what to expect during the year. The report covers topics such as relationships, health, career, legal matters, and spiritual development. The report also includes advice on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that may arise during the year.

API Endpoint : personal_year_prediction
Method : POST
Full URL :

Request Data

ParamsData typeDescriptions

date required

month required

year required

full_name required





date of birth, eg: 10

month of birth, eg: 5

year of birth, eg: 1990

name, eg: 'demo'

Response Data

	"personal_year_number": 11,
	"considered_year": 2019,
	"report": [
		"The 11 year is ruled by Uranus, ruler of Aquarius. You can expect sudden bursts of energy, sudden events and circumstances and intuitive flashes to occur at any time and without warning. Revelations, Spiritual Awakenings, a deeper sense of mission or purpose, inspiration, ideas, hunches, compassion, forgiveness, spiritual love, spiritual relationships, attending religious and metaphysical events are all part of the 11/2 year which in itself is very rare. Relationships this year can begin in April, June, September and November. Health disorders include focusing of the eyes, blood pressure, heart, lungs or stomach problems. February, April, July and November are months to watch this year for health.",
		"As far as career matters, fame and fortune can find you, working as a team and the months of March, April, June, August and December are the best for advancement.",
		"The 11 Year is a time of sudden events and legalities, or make some very important decisions that are immediate in nature. Legal matters will test your sense of balance, court decisions or legal advice will be sought. There can be legacies, dealings with wills, claims for accidents and agreements made for contracts and sales. Because the 11 is so spiritual, there can be some wonderful insights that come for artistic pursuits. People may begin to take notice of who you are and reward you for your good work or recognition can come for previous work that is long forgotten and never expected anyone to take notice of. Expect activities of this time period to be very quick in nature, very exciting and entirely unexpected.",
		"Partnerships whether love or business is favorable IF you use your good senses and perception, because dishonesty is around you and you may be taken in by it. With the 11/2, this year becomes much more powerful. Initiative and leadership aptitude manifest through the 11.",
		"One danger of the 11 energy is using your own special talents and power for your own gains. You may attain what you want, but feel very unhappy and dissatisfied in the end. Accomplishments may be many although you never feel you have unlocked your true potential. Nervous tension accompanies a spiritual intuitive ability that may be very confusing if you don't understand how to use it correctly. Your expectations will be very IMPRACTICAL as you try to blend the fantasy world with the real one. You will have some great dreams of what you can do, but difficulty putting them into realistic accomplishments. LEARN to trust and develop your intuition! This is a very opportune time to continue or begin your psychic, occult or metaphysical studies."
var api = 'personal_year_prediction';
var userId = '<Your User Id>';
var apiKey = '<Your Api Key>';
var data = {
   date: 6,

var auth = "Basic " + new Buffer(userId + ":" + apiKey).toString("base64");

var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
method: "POST",
headers: {
    "authorization": auth,

request.then( function(resp){
}, function(err){