Sun Sign Daily Prediction/sun_sign_prediction/daily/:zodiacName

The sun_sign_prediction API provides daily predictions for individuals based on their zodiac sign. The response includes various aspects of life such as personal life, profession, health, travel, luck, and emotions. The predictions are tailored to help users make the most of their day and stay motivated.

API Endpoint : sun_sign_prediction/daily/:zodiacName
Method : POST
Full URL :

Where Zodiac name is -


NOTE- Based on the timezone given

Request Data

ParamsData typeDescriptions

timezone required

float required

timezone, eg: 5.5 // if not given default will taken as 5.5

Response Data

	"status": true,
	"sun_sign": "aries",
	"prediction_date": "20-3-2024",
	"prediction": {
		"personal_life": "Today marks a significant shift with the Sun's entry into Aries, signaling the Spring Equinox. In matters of the heart, you might find yourself reconnecting with someone from your past. This encounter could spark joy and a surprising sense of connection. Whether it's an old friend or a past love, today's energy suggests that revisiting old bonds can illuminate your path forward. Keep an open heart, as familiar faces bring unexpected happiness.",
		"profession": "As the Sun transitions into Aries, it's a call to action in your career. Hesitation can be your worst enemy today. Be bold and decisive. Your ability to respond swiftly and with confidence will set you apart. Now is the time to speak up, with clarity and conviction. Your professional environment requires your strength and decisiveness. Let your actions and words reflect your capability and drive.",
		"health": "The astral shift today encourages a deeper understanding of what you truly desire for your wellbeing. It's crucial to differentiate between what you think you want and what your soul needs. Incorporate quiet moments into your day to reflect on this. Yoga or any challenging exercise can be particularly beneficial now, offering a blend of mental clarity and physical strength. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.",
		"emotions": "With the Sun's move into Aries, you might feel a surge of energy and enthusiasm. However, it's important to channel this energy wisely. Take time to understand your feelings and what drives them. Today is a day for emotional clarity, allowing you to align more closely with your true desires and goals.",
		"travel": "The current planetary alignment suggests that travel might not be the main focus today. Instead, your journey is more about internal exploration and reconnecting with familiar places or people that hold significance. Physical travel may take a backseat to the travels of the heart and mind.",
		"luck": "Luck today is intertwined with connections. Revisiting the past or engaging deeply with those around you can bring unexpected opportunities. Keep an eye out for signs and coincidences, as they may guide you towards fortuitous encounters or decisions.",
		"personal_life_rating": 8,
		"profession_rating": 7,
		"health_rating": 8,
		"emotions_rating": 7,
		"travel_rating": 5,
		"luck_rating": 6
var sdkClient = require("./sdk");

//Zodiac sign
var zodiacName = "aries";
var timezone = 5.5;

//Daily Horoscope APIs need to be called
var resource = "sun_sign_prediction/daily/" + zodiacName;

// call dailyHoroCall method for daily predictions
var dailyHoroData = sdkClient.dailyHoroCall(
  function (error, result) {
    if (error) {
      console.log("Error returned!!");
    } else {
      console.log("Response has arrived from API server --");