How to get latitude ,longitude and timezone ?

For all the astrological calculcations and other reports generation (Except Numerology), Vedic Rishi APIs expect birth details which contain date of birth, time of birth, longitude of birth place, latitude of birth place and timezone of birth country. We know that getting latitude, longitude and timezone of all the places are difficult to get and therefore Vedic Rishi solves this problem by providing FREE APIs for getting the geo-details given city. These APIs are included in each and every plan you subscribe from VedicRishi.

Along with geo-datails APIs, we are also providing the client side code (AJAX, CSS and JavaScript) for city autoselect functionality wherein your website or app end user can type the first 3 characters of city and all cities will get populated based on the same. Depending on the user selection of city, latitude, longitude and timezone will get populated in their respective input boxes.

Now, while making the request to Vedic Rishi Astro API, you need to pass the populated geo information in the API request data.

Download the source code for auto select city functionality source code.

Download Source

If you have any questions on fetching geo information, kindly raise a support ticket in API dashboard or contact us from