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Astrology API Reference Documentation

Numerology Predictions/numero_report

Provides Numerology report.

API Endpoint


Method & URL
Method Full URL

Response Data

	"title": "What the Number Says About You",
	"description": "Your Radical number is 8. The ruler of Radical number 8 is Saturn. Due to Saturns influence you will rise slowly in life. To attain success after crossing obstacles and hardships is in your nature. You will not be deterred by failures though on occasions you may sink in despair. Your staunchest enemy is lethargy and this will be the reason for your decline. Therefore, dont procrastinate. Due to Saturns influence you will do many important jobs, which will render you name, acclaim and eminence. Not many people will understand your style of work. This will create many critics. You will have less tendency for show-off. This may lead people to regard you as a rough and tough person, while deep inside your heart you are quite sentimental and kind hearted. Mostly you will concern yourself with your work. Your tendency will be to confine yourself to your business. This attitude will generate many adverse people.You will have spirit of sacrifice. You will never waver from desired exertion, dedication and sacrifice desired for an endeavour. Therefore, you will certainly attain your goal after crossing hurdles. The people under the influence of Saturn are hardworking and struggling. As they have to cross many obstacles, they attain success somewhat late but their achievements are stable and permanent."
Params Data type Descriptions
Numerology Predictions









date of birth, eg: 10

month of birth, eg: 5

year of birth, eg: 1990

name, eg: 'demo'

                var userId = '';
var apiKey = '';
var data = 'JSON Request Data';
var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
    "authorization": "Basic " + btoa(userId+":"+apiKey),
// Returns A promiss
return( request.then( function(resp){
    return resp;
}, function(err){
    return err;
                    require_once 'VedicRishiClient.php';
$userId = "";
$apiKey = "";
$data = array(
    'date' => 25,
    'month' => 12,
    'year' => 1988,
    'hour' => 4,
    'minute' => 0,
    'latitude' => 25.123,
    'longitude' => 82.34,
    'timezone' => 5.5
$resourceName = "astro_details";
$vedicRishi = new VedicRishiClient($userId, $apiKey);
$responseData = $vedicRishi->call($resourceName, $data['date'], $data['month'], $data['year'], $data['hour'], $data['minute'], $data['latitude'], $data['longitude'], $data['timezone']);
echo $responseData;


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