Astrology API Reference Documentation

Sun Sign Daily/sun_sign_consolidated/daily/:zodiacName

Get daily consolidated sun sign prediction by zodiac name

API Endpoint


Method & URL
Method Full URL

Response Data

    "status": true,
    "sun_sign": "aries",
    "prediction_date": "17-6-2017",
    "prediction": "You are feeling rather good and it seems that you can place the pulse of success easily. You will be profusely passionate about things today. Your rapport with relatives and associates will be good. Go out for a fun filled evening and you are likely to become the life and soul of the celebrations. Following your instincts today can lead to great things in your personal life and relationships. Decode the implications of your imagination. It will bring luck and happiness."
Params Data type Descriptions



timezone, eg: 5.5 // if not given default will taken as 5.5

                var userId = '';
var apiKey = '';
var data = 'JSON Request Data';
var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
    "authorization": "Basic " + btoa(userId+":"+apiKey),
// Returns A promiss
return( request.then( function(resp){
    return resp;
}, function(err){
    return err;
                    require_once 'VedicRishiClient.php';
$userId = "";
$apiKey = "";
$data = array(
    'date' => 25,
    'month' => 12,
    'year' => 1988,
    'hour' => 4,
    'minute' => 0,
    'latitude' => 25.123,
    'longitude' => 82.34,
    'timezone' => 5.5
$resourceName = "astro_details";
$vedicRishi = new VedicRishiClient($userId, $apiKey);
$responseData = $vedicRishi->call($resourceName, $data['date'], $data['month'], $data['year'], $data['hour'], $data['minute'], $data['latitude'], $data['longitude'], $data['timezone']);
echo $responseData;


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